Rexing V1LG Dash Cam Review

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Rexing offers dash cams, trail cams, and body cams in the U.S.A. It offers around 16 variants in its dash cam line alone. The dash cams vary in the features offered and their price. The V1LG model is a budget front and rear dash cam.


The Rexing V1LG dual recording dash cam is priced at $169.99. Though this price is okay it is missing a lot of features that are available in other similarly priced products.

Score: B


Sales Package

  • Dash cam
  • User manual
  • Car charger
  • Rear camera
  • 20 ft. micro USB cable (for rear camera)
  • Plastic mount


Rexing V1LG Manual

Click here to download.






Rexing V1LG Design Best Truck Dash Cam

The Rexing V1LG is stylish and trendy in looks. However, it is bulkier than other dash cams in its price range. It stands at 3.5’ x 2.5’ x 4.49’ and weighs 408 grams. The size can be a problem for truckers that are looking for compact and sleek dash cam. It features an integrated microphone and a speaker. The built-in microphone that can be turned on or off as per the driver’s preference. Its operating temperature ranges from 20°C to 70°C.

Score: C


Rexing Dash Cam V1LG Installation

Rexing V1LG Installation Best Truck Dash Cam

The Rexing dash cam review also entails the process and ease of installation. The Rexing dash cam V1LG comes with a 3M adhesive pad and a plastic mount for front camera. The 3M pad is used to stick the mount on to the windshield. The front camera can then slide down into the mount piece to be secured to the windshield. The dash cam can be easily removed from the mount as required.

Rexing V1LG Installation Best Truck Dash Cam

A 3M adhesive pad is already mounted to the rear camera. It can be affixed easily by peeling off the sticker and placing it on the rear windshield. To complete the installation, connect the rear camera to the main unit using rear camera extension cable. The switch on the rear camera can switch between regular/mirrored image.

Score: B


Power and Battery

When the dash cam does not detect power supply, it will automatically power off after 5 seconds. The Rexing dash cam V1LG has a 450 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery is only used for saving files in emergency. The dash cam can only be powered by a 12 V charging port. The unit cannot be charged via USB port. The device can be charged by connecting the camera via the car charger port.After connecting the car charger’s jack to the charging port, plug the charger into the car cigarette lighter or 12V DC power outlet to charge the battery. Rexing warns of personal injury or vehicle damage if an incompatible charger cable is used.

Score: C






Rexing V1LG Memory Best Truck Dash Cam

The Rexing V1LG dash cam requires an external microSD card to operate. It supports UHS-I / Class 10 or higher microSD cards (with storage capacity up to 256 GB). Rexing recommends using a microSD with memory capacity of at least 8 GB. When the storage limit is reached on the memory card, new recordings will automatically overwrite the old footage. However, when the built-in G-sensor detects a collision or any accidental event, the recorded video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. The footage will be kept safe from being overwritten.

With the video resolution set to 1080p and 720p, one can get approximately 8 hours of recordings on a 64 GB microSD card (before it starts overwriting the older unlocked videos).

Rexing recommends formatting the microSD card after every time the footage is transferred or at least once a month to avoid corrupting the card and ensuring enough space to record new videos.

Score: C


Rexing V1LG 1080p dash cam 


The Rexing dash cam V1LG starts recording automatically when the power is turned on. It records videos at full HD with 1920p X 1080p at 30 FPS. It also employs 264 photography compression technology. It offers a wide dynamic range that aids in optimum performance in low-light condition. The cam features 170° wide angle lens. The 170° 6-layer lens captures a sweeping view of the road ahead. This feature is found in very few dash cams in the price range. The wide dynamic range, or WDR technology automatically adjusts the exposure to create balanced footage.

Besides the full HD front camera, the dash cam comes with a HD rear camera. It records in 720p at 30 FPS giving a clear, high-definition video of both ends of the road.

The Car No. feature can be enabled to enter the vehicle’s plate number for video recording. The plate number will stamped in the recorded video. The driver can select the quality level of captured images/footage.

Lower quality images take up less space on the memory card. This feature enables the image stabilizer function to reduce blurring of captured images.

Score: B


Video Samples

Check the video captured by the V1LG front camera:

Check the video captured by the V1LG rear camera:


Accessing Videos

Rexing V1LG Accessing Videos Best Truck Dash Cam

To access the videos captured by the V1LG, a driver will have to insert the microSD card into a computer. In the GPS Player application, a user will have to drag and drop the MOV file into the player to watch the recorded videos. These videos will be tagged with location and driving routes. If a computer does not have a video codec installed, one might not be able to play MOV videos.

Score: C



G-sensor, or the gravity sensor detects motion to capture a balanced and focused view of any accident event and saves it for evidence purposes. Rexing V1LG dash cam features a G-sensor that acts as an accelerometer. It measures physical and gravitational forces acting on the camera itself. In an event wherein such forces are detected, the device will perform an automatic file lock. This ensures that the locked video files cannot be erased during loop recording. The footage remains on the memory card until manually deleted, or the card is formatted. The recommended setting for this feature by Rexing is “Low”.

Score: B


Loop Recording

The V1LG supports loop recording. However, with the mode enabled, the device will continuously erase old videos as it records new ones. It only skips over the images/footage captured over a user selected time range. Locked video files on the memory card will also be skipped and remain protected.

Score: C


Rexing Dash Cam V1LG Parking Monitor

The features and quality of the parking monitor is also an important part of the Rexing dash cam review of the V1LG model. A parking monitor captures activities happening around the vehicle when it is parked, in absence of driver, or not in motion. The parking monitor is enabled on the V1LG, however this feature is optional. Parking monitor in V1LG requires hardwiring. The hardwiring kit is sold separately by Rexing. Once connected, a quick configuration to make sure the Parking Monitor works according to the driver’s preference:

  • G-Sensor — This mode uses the G-sensor to detect any impact. If the vehicle experiences a collision, the camera will wake up and begin to record automatically. It records and saves the next 20 seconds of activity. This video clip will be protected from being overwritten.
  • Time Lapse – In this mode the camera records at specific time intervals. It saves the video in a space-saving format.

The G-Sensor mode keeps the camera in power saver mode until any activity is detected. It is easier on the battery compared to Time Lapse mode. However, the battery will be protected by the low voltage protection built into the harwiring kit. If the battery charge drops below 11.6 V, the dash cam will shut down automatically. Time Lapse mode is beneficial because it captures the activity around the vehicle, even when an impact isn’t detected.

Score: B+


Built-in GPS Logger

The Rexing V1LG dash cam has a built-in GPS logger. It allows the user to mark date, time, location, and speed information on the recordings without the need for a separate accessory. This feature helps in tracking the vehicle on Google Maps. Google Maps are accessible on both iOS and android devices making tracking of the vehicle extremely convenient. It is enabled in nine languages, viz., English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, and Japanese.

The GPS Player Software is designed to play recorded videos with GPS data and driving routes on a computer. The software is only available on a computer with Windows operating system. The playback software can be downloaded and installed from the Rexing website. 

Score: B



  1. Compact and discreet design.
  2. Built-in GPS logger.
  3. Loop recording.
  4. Ultra-wide angle lens.
  5. Wide dynamic range technology.
  6. Accident auto-detection.
  7. Night-vision capabilities.
  8. Time-lapse feature.


  1. Even though compact in size, it is still bulkier than other dash cams in the same price range.  
  2. No touch screen.
  3. Footage and pictures captured in night is not up to the mark – especially the ones shot with very less street light.
  4. Loop recording erases the captured videos.
  5. Not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled.
  6. Videos can only be accessed by transferring the footage from microSD card to a computer or a mobile device.
  7. No data backup, or a cloud-based storage.
  8. No application support provided to ease the access for drivers and fleet managers.


Rexing Dash Cam V1LG Customer Reviews

Another crucial aspect of the Rexing dash cam review is the people’s verdict. The Rexing dash cam V1LG has its share of positive and negative reviews. Though it is praised for including the rear camera in package at the given price, disappointment in video quality and lack of data storage and access options dominate the reviews. A dash cam that does not provide an application or is not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled serve very little utility to truckers.

Score: C


Overall Rexing V1LG Dash Cam Review 

The Rexing V1LG dash cam is an affordable option given it comes with a rear camera. However the design is bulky. The recorded videos have the risk of being overwritten in an event of loop recording or storage issues. Although GPS tagging is a great feature, the absence of reliable storage and data backup is a major concern. The videos can be only stored on the microSD card. The data on the microSD card can be transferred on a computer or a mobile device. Note that not all mobile phones support external memory cards, or only support memory card with a certain limit. This restricts the ease of accessing the recorded footage further. In an accidental event wherein the dash cam is damaged to the point of potentially damaging the microSD card, the driver will have no evidence of their innocence. 

The V1LG can be considered for vehicles that are utilized for personal use, like cars. However, with the options available in the market, it would be wise for truckers to skip this.

Overall Rating

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