ITrue X3 Dash Cam Review

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ITrue X3 Dash Cam Youtube


The ITrue X3 dash cam is priced at $109.95.

Score: B


Sales Package

ITrue X3 sales package best truck dash cam

  • Dash cam
  • ITrue X3 Dash Cam Manual
  • Suction mount
  • 8 GB microSD card
  • microSD card adapter
  • Car charger with cable
  • USB cable (for downloading videos)


ITrue X3 Dash Cam Manual

Click here to download.


ITrue X3 Dash Cam Design – 2.7 inch LCD

ITrue X3 design best truck dash cam

The ITrue X3 dash cam is modest in its looks. It has an overall sleek design and is wrapped in stitched leather that makes the dash cam look and feel quite high quality. It also reduces the reflections (glare) from shiny plastic and metal elements underneath.  It has rounded edges, and the slightly protruding camera lens gives the X3 dash cam a very retro look. It is compact and can easily fit behind the rear-view mirror of a truck.

The ITrue X3 stands at 3.5’ x 2’ x 1’ and weighs only 4 ounces. It has a large 2.7 inch LCD screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio. This dimension is perfect for reviewing the videos taken by the dashcam and for toggling in settings menu. The buttons on the dash cam however are quite small and some users might find it difficult to get used to. The size is an added advantage for truckers that are looking for compact and sleek dash cam. It features an integrated microphone. The built-in microphone that can be turned on or off as per the driver’s preference.

Its minimum operating temperature is 10˚F, while the maximum operating temperature is 140˚F. ITrue recommends removing the camera when it is parked under the sun in temperatures beyond the aforementioned.

Score: C



The ITrue X3 dash cam comes with a suction cup. It is used to mount the dash cam on the dash board. The suction cup on this dash cam requires a smooth surface for it to have a tight seal. Some trucks have a textured dashboard. This makes setting up the suction cup quite a task. The suction cup mount can be rotated 360˚.  It is an ideal feature in case one wants to capture anything that’s happening at the side of the vehicle or inside it.

Score: B


Power and Battery

The sales package also includes series of cables and other accessories – an in-car charging cable that taps into the power system. The dash cam is powered using this source. It features one lithium-ion battery. The built-in battery works in critical situations, for example, when the car has suddenly stopped or has been involved in a crash, and ignition was switched off. The backup power from the battery is enough to save the last recorded video. A fully charged battery helps the X3 to function for 30 minutes. The longevity of the battery alone is not quite enough. The X3 can also be charged when plugged to a computer via USB.

Score: C



The ITrue X3 dash cam requires an external microSD card to operate. The sales package includes a microSD card with memory capacity of 8 GB. It supports microSD cards with storage capacity up to 32 GB. When the storage limit on the memory card is used to its capacity, new recordings will be automatically overwritten on the old footage. However, when the built-in G-sensor detects a collision or any accidental event, the recorded video is locked. This ensures that the important footage is kept protected from being overwritten.

It is recommended to format the microSD card after every time the footage is transferred, or at least once a month. This will not only avoid corrupting the card but also ensure enough space to record new videos, especially with the limited memory space the X3 offers.

Score: C


ITrue X3 Dash Cam Video

The ITrue X3 dash cam comes alive and starts recording almost as soon as the ignition is turned on. The X3 starts auto-recording and does not require any ‘touch’ to turn on, making it a truly handsfree device. The ITrue X3 dash cam is capable of recording full-HD videos at 1920 x 1080p at 30 fps on its 2.7 inch LCD screen. It means that the dash cam can capture high amount of detail in any event. The videos are saved in a MOV format. The built-in microphone records audio. This feature could be switched off if desired.

The dash cam also features an ultra-wide-angle coverage. This facilitates capturing a larger section of the road ahead as compared to dash cams that do not support this feature.

Wide Dynamic Range, or WDR, on the ITrue X3 is a neat feature. Dynamic range signifies the range of tones between pure black and pure white in a scene. In a low light situation, the dynamic range is generally reduced to a higher percentage of darker tones, with a majority of them reduced to pure black. With the Wide Dynamic Range technology, the dash cam captures intricate details in the dark areas. This is of a great utility for recording videos in low lit conditions, especially during night time.

The six-layer lens technology helps in an excellent video output captured during night time. The X3 also offers possibly the widest field of vision for a dashcam – 170 degrees.

Score: B

Video Samples

Check the video captured by the ITrue X3 dash cam during day time:

Check the video captured by the ITrue X3 dash cam during night time:


Accessing Videos

To access the captured videos, a user will have to insert the microSD card into a computer. The videos will play in any video application that support MOV format. These videos will be tagged with location and driving routes. ITrue does not offer a dedicated application or cloud storage for saving or viewing the recorded footage.

Score: C



It is very import to ensure that the dash cam has a gravity sensor, or the G-sensor before making a purchase for a vehicle. The G-sensor is a technology that detects sudden changes in gravity that usually happens when the vehicle is in an accident, has flipped over, makes unexpected sharp turns on high speed, etc. The feature detects such motion incidences and captures a balanced and focused view and saves it for evidence purposes. These videos will be locked so as to prevent it from being overwritten, especially when the camera is loop recording. Apart from the auto-lock feature, the ITrue X3 dash cam also features a dedicated lock button.  The button aids in locking-in any desired section of video as per the driver’s choice.

Score: B


Loop Recording

The ITrue X3 dash cam supports and saves videos in loops. This implies the that videos are continuously saved in small clips of fixed duration. This duration can be set according to preference from the settings menu. Upon reaching the memory limit on the microSD card, the device will continuously erase old videos as it records new ones. It will only skip over the footage that has been locked manually by the driver or any incident captured after being triggered by the G-sensor. This will ensure important clips remain protected and will not be deleted during loop recording.

It is important to note that the X3 does not drop frames like most of the dash cams in loop recording. Dropping frames can sometimes lead to deletion of important events that form an important part of evidence in any event.

Score: B


ITrue X3 Dash Cam Parking Monitor

The ITrue X3 might perform well in other areas except this one. The dash cam has an operating temperature of 10˚F – 140˚F. The company advises to remove the dash cam from the windshield if the vehicle is expected to spend prolonged period of time in hot temperatures, or even when its parked. It is also prone to ‘melting’, as mentioned by some verified users. This may be because of the leather exterior. Since it has to be removed from the vehicle, the X3 cannot be used when the vehicle is parked. Any incident that occurs during this time will hence not be recorded. It puts drivers at risk of having no evidence in case of hit and run, vandalism, robbery, etc. No evidence also means losing out on insurance claims. The absence of parking monitor feature is one of the biggest drawbacks the X3 has and makes the X3 quite undependable.

Score: C


GPS Logger

The iTrue X3 dash cam is GPS enabled. This feature however is supported via the dedicated input port on the dash cam. The user will need to buy a separate GPS device to provide required data for the video being taken. It allows the GPS data to be translated into the speed of the vehicle, direction, and route taken, etc. This information is then embedded into the video. This is a very useful feature for truckers, as crucial information pertaining to speed is a handy piece of information for insurance and other purposes.

Score: B



  1. Low price point.
  2. Loop recording without slippage of frames.
  3. Compact and discreet design.
  4. Ultra-wide-angle lens.
  5. Can capture photos while recording videos.
  6. Features internal battery.
  7. The leather wrap cancels out any glare.
  8. 360-degree rotatable mount.
  9. Wide Dynamic Range technology.
  10. Withstands humidity up to 80%
  11. Emergency lock button.
  12. Auto accident detection.
  13. Night-vision capabilities.



  1. Audio has hiss noise; considerable changes has been noticed when using a different cable/charger.
  2. No touchscreen.
  3. Short battery life.
  4. Loop recording erases the captured videos.
  5. Mount is not very sturdy.
  6. The power adapter uses an entire outlet – there’re no extra USB ports.
  7. Not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled.
  8. Videos can only be accessed by transferring the footage from microSD card to a computer or a mobile device.
  9. No data backup, or a cloud-based storage.
  10. Limited memory of 32 GB.
  11. No application support provided to ease the access for drivers and fleet managers.


Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are greatly divided for the X3. Customers complain of the device freezing and lagging quite frequently. The device reportedly freezes randomly as well when a user tries to save a video. The reviews also mention the instability of the suction cup. The suction cup does not ensure a tight seal and results into the dash cam rocking constantly. This affects the quality of video output.

Score: C


Overall ITrue X3 Dash Cam Review

The ITrue X3 seems impressive with its 6-layer lens, night vision capabilities, and continuous loop recording. However, there are a few things to consider if one is planning to get one for their truck. The mount is unreliable. One of the biggest drawbacks the X3 has is the lack of parking monitor – the feature that records any incidence that occurs when the engine is turned off. This gives any perpetuator get away with vandalism, robbery, or hit and run. It would also result in the trucker losing their insurance claim. The battery life is quite low, it only lasts up to 30 minutes – not ideal for truckers. The memory capacity is another disappointing aspect of the X3. The maximum expandable memory capacity of only 32 GB is very low, especially for long haul truckers. The negatives outdo the positives X3 offers, and is best to skip if being considered for a truck.

Overall Rating

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