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Nexar Ltd. is a New York-based tech company that specializes in autonomous driving research and developing dash cams and vision-based data services. It promises a better driving experience when the Nexar-powered dash cam is paired with the Nexar app, which is simple to handle and is very reliable.

Nexar provides three variants of dash cams – Nexar Pro, Nexar Beam, and Nexar One.

This article will focus on the Nexar Pro dash cam and analyze its features.



Nexar Pro Dash Cam

Nexar Pro is an updated version of the slightly cheaper Nexar Beam, designed keeping professional drivers in mind; that includes people who drive for long periods or drivers who drive for a living. The Nexar Pro comes with two cameras and free cloud storage for all the video footages. The primary dash cam is the front-facing camera whereas the other unit (the smaller one) is for monitoring the interior of the vehicle. Nexar Pro highlights videos that include unusual incidents (referred to as “clips”) and captures GPS data including speed, location, impact force to help with insurance claims.




Nexar Dash Cam Price

The Nexar Pro dash cam’s price is $159.95 and is covered under a 1-year warranty. Nexar also allows four installment payments of $33 and permits 30-day money back return. There are no subscription fees. The sticker mounts costs $15 extra.

Score: B




Sales Package

Nexar Pro Dash Cam Sales Package

Sales package of Nexar Pro Dash Cam system:

  • Front dash camera and Interior dash camera
  • USB charger
  • 11 ft. USB power cable
  • Windshield mounts
  • Installation tools and cable clips




Nexar Pro Dash Cam Design

Nexar Pro Dash Cam

The primary front Nexar Pro dash cam (4.3 x 1.8 x 1.9 in) is of an unusualvular shape with no rear LCD screen as is typical in most dash cams and weighs 3.53 ounces. On the other hand, the smaller cabin-facing dash cam is 2.85 x 1.2 x 1.3 in. The Nexar Pro streams video straight onto the driver’s phone screen through the Nexar app with the help of the dasham’s in-built Wi-Fi. The operating temperature range of Nexar Pro is -4° to 158° F.

Score: B





How to Install Nexar Dash Cam

Installing the Nexar dash cam is very easy. The dash cams can be mounted with either a GPS suction cup mount or sticker mounts for vehicles with flat windshields (recommended by Nexar). Installing the dash camera behind or to the right of the rearview mirror works best. It is advised to avoid installing the camera near the air bags or on the window tint to prevent damage to the dash cam. Also, checking for full and clear camera view on the Nexar App before mounting the dash cam is better for the driver’s visibility and safety. 

The Nexar Pro Dash Cam Installation can take up to 5 mins.

  1. Hold the dash cam with its lens facing downwards and insert the SD card into the micro SD card slot.
  2. Insert holder into the holder slot on the dash cam and slide to lock in place.
  3. Tap the power button to turn the dash cam on.
  4. Connect charging cable to the dash cam’s power port.
  5. Install USB charger in vehicle’s power socket.
  6. Connect other end of the charging cable to the USB’s 1A socket.
  7. The camera’s indicator light will turn on when the vehicle is activated/switched on.
  8. Now, to install the interior-facing dash cam – plug the cable on the interior-facing camera into the rear input of the Nexar dash cam. Mount the interior-facing camera next to the primary Nexar dash cam from where it will have a good view of the inside of the vehicle.

Score: B-




Nexar Pro Video Quality

The front  dash cam in the Nexar Pro records videos in full HD 1080p, which is not as great as 4k resolution (as provided in the Nexar One), but is good and serviceable. The cabin view camera records at 25 FPS and road view dash cam records at 30 FPS. While the road view dash cam has wide angle view of 135 degrees, the other dash cam has a 115 degree viewing. The front dash cam is equipped with night driving capture ability, and the interior 720p one comes with 10 infrared illuminated LEDs to brighten the interior of the vehicle. Customarily, the footage shot at night in IR mode is black and white, but the quality of the video is just fine. The Nexar Pro dash cam can also record audio.

Score: B





Storage And Memory

The Nexar Pro dash cam system saves files in three ways – on the SD card which is in the dash camera itself, on the phone with the help of the built-in Wi-Fi, and to the Cloud while driving, through the phone’s Wi-Fi (options for set up are provided in the app). The app lets the driver limit how much of the phone’s memory the dash cam can use to save footages. As and when the memory limit is reached, old “rides” (“rides” are the footages which have no accidents or other noticeable incidents) get deleted to make space for recent footages in both SD card and phone. Nexar Pro supports memory cards in the range of 32 gb to 256 gb, and its Cloud storage system has unlimited space.

Score: A




Nexar Pro GPS

Yes, the Nexar Pro is GPS compatible. However, it is important to keep in mind that this GPS System is not connected to the dash cam. The mount that holds the dash cam in place has in-built GPS which improves the incident detection and auto-recording features of the dash cam. It also ensures greater accuracy in recording vehicle location information matching with recorded evidence.  This GPS mount is not compatible with vehicles that have flat windshields. Furthermore, this GPS functionality works only when the phone is connected to the dash cam and close by.

Score: B-





Nexar Pro Dash Cam G-sensor

Nexar Pro protects the vehicle 24/7 even if the driver is not next to it. In case of an impact, the dash cam starts recording automatically. The dash cam also gives real time parking, accidents and break-in alerts with one tap link to 911.

Score: B




Nexar Customer Service 

Nexar provides 24/7 chat and email support. 





Customer Reviews

The Nexar Pro dash cam has received mixed reviews. For many, the dash cam has served them well enough with its good camera quality and storage, but many customers have their own set of complaints. Problems regarding GPS, compatibility with android, app performance, and customer service are often seen crawling up in the customer reviews section.

Score: C





  1. Good camera quality.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. Good storage and memory.
  4. Sleek design.
  5. Reasonable price.



  1. Not compatible with android system.
  2. GPS has to be kept on all the time.
  3. Not suitable for fleet truck drivers given the limited GPS functionality. 





Overall Nexar Pro Dash Cam Review

Nexar Pro dash cam is a great choice for those who drive a lot, such as rideshare drivers and delivery drivers. The Nexar Pro provides clear and good quality videos and offers good storage and memory within a sleek interface. Despite the good features, the dash cam is not very compatible with android phone system, the GPS needs to stay on throughout the drive, and the app heats up the phone many a times while a video is being shown on the phone.

Overall Rating

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