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TrackEnsure was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The company develops products that can help sustain, support, and boost the trucking industry. TrackEnsure ELD, integrated warehouse management systems, fuel card protection, IR equipment, fuel control automation, asset identification, are some of the products and services they offer.

This article reviews TrackEnsure’s ELD. 


TrackEnsure ELD

Trackensure design | Pacific Truck

TrackEnsure ELD is FMCSA compliant and can be used in both Canada and the US. The device is manufactured by Pacific Truck. The ELD is also referred to as the TE0101 or PT30 device.



TrackEnsure ELD Price

The TrackEnsure ELD price is $349.99 (device only). The ELD subscription plan can either be purchased monthly ($25) or yearly ($299). Apart from that, an ‘ELD service’ payment is mandatory for using the ELD application. The monthly ELD Service Team is $30 and Yearly ELD Service is $276. A 9-pin adaptor costs $25. 

Score: C-



TrackEnsure ELD Manual

Click here to download. (Hardware Manual)

Click here to download. (Application Manual)



How to install TrackEnsure ELD

Installing the eld is an easy process. Here is how it needs to be done:

  1. Before you start off, it is important to know that the eld device should not be paired directly with the phone/tablet’s bluetooth. This will be done through the TrackEnsure ELD app as the eld uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). 
  2. Keeping the vehicle ignition off, connect the eld device to the diagnostic port. 
  3. The ELD should display a green LED flashing slowly. This means that the device has been powered on. A flashing red LED implies that the GPS is in acquisition mode. When the GPS connection is secured, the red LED light stabilizes. 
  4. Turn on the engine. The eld will display a fast flashing Green LED light. This means that the eld device is picking up vehicle bus activity. Once the Green LED becomes stable, the driver can proceed with the connection set up on the TrackEnsure ELD App. 

Score: B



TrackEnsure ELD Features

TrackEnsure offers a number of vital services in its ELD Subscription Plan. 

  • The eld keeps track of the Hours of Service (HoS) of the driver in real time. All important details such as the hours spent on the road driving, time till the next break, duty cycle, on duty and off duty hours, etc., are visible on the mobile app. 
  • The ELD will help make the necessary calculations based on distances covered and fuel purchased (fuel receipts records) in each state/province/territory to create IFTA Reports. 
  • For pre-trip and post-trip inspections, it has DVIR Reporting, which is easy to create, navigate, and export. 
  • TrackEnsure has created TrackEnsure MarketPlace, with the aim of opening up more efficient logistics, fuel discounts, better factoring options, and other services available at more reasonable prices for owner-operators and fleet managers. This service is accessible through the ELD App.
  • The ELD also has the Personal Conveyance feature. The Fleet Manager can choose to keep the setting on or off. 
  • The ELD also comes with a co-driver functionality.

Score: B



TrackEnsure ELD Reviews

The TrackEnsure ELD App has a 4.3-star rating on Google Play Store (672 reviews in total) whereas on Apple Store, the app has a 3.2-star rating based on 114 ratings. The bad reviews on both the platforms are concerning. Some of the most-mentioned issues were – poor user interface, long waiting time for customer support, app crashes, updates not working well, and the fact that the geolocation needs to be set up manually every time.

Score: D



TrackEnsure ELD Login

To access your TrackEnsure Dashboard, click here.



TrackEnsure ELD Phone Number (Customer Service Number)

For customer support, try reaching out on any of these numbers – 


+1(916)800-0111 (West Coast) 


Their email address is




  1. The ELD can be used in both Canada and the US.
  2. Easy to install.



  1. Poor user interface of the ELD App. 
  2. The app glitches and crashes often. Even updates are troublesome.
  3. Customer Support is slow and unresponsive at times. 



Overall TrackEnsure ELD Review

While TrackEnsure has certification in both the US and Canada and can help the driver maintain her/his hours of service records, the experience of its existing users paints a very bleak picture. The glitches in the app seem to be a constant, recurring issue. And while their customer support attempts to respond quickly to these complaints, the experience for any normal driver seems to be too difficult and off-putting. 

Overall Rating

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