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In 2019, the global dashboard camera market size stood at $2.8 billion. An approximate of 36.1 million units of dashboard cameras were sold in the same year. A dashboard camera or a dashcam is an onboard digital camera placed in a vehicle. It is known by multiple other names like Car Digital Video Recorder (Car DVR), Event Data Recorder, Driving Recorder etc.

It is usually mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard. These cameras continuously record external views through a vehicle’s front-screen and sometimes also through the rear or other windows. A highly recommended position for placing the dashcam is the rear mirror of the vehicle.

In addition to this, there is another type of dashcam used for recording the interior views of a vehicle which offers a 360-degree angle. The resolutions of these cameras determine the overall quality of the videos. Many dashcams use rechargeable batteries. Dashcams also use SD cards with 16gb or higher capacity or rely on internal memory to store videos. Many dashcams also include radar detectors and touch screens.

Dashcams in India best dash cameras


Is dashcam useful?

Buyers may assume that dashcams are an expensive buy initially, but these devices do in fact save the vehicle owners’ money in the long run.  They act as silent witnesses and record every incident that takes places on the roads with accuracy and precision.

Dashcams help in securing insurance in case of road accidents or parking-lot vandalism by recording the entire incident. Having a record of such cases is important for insurance claims.

The videos recorded by these cameras also help in avoiding fraud in cases of road accidents. There has been a growing tendency in most countries including India to falsely frame drivers in accident cases. In many situations, pedestrians have even engineered accident cases to frame drivers. A clear video in this case helps in piercing the deception and prevents false defamation.

Dashcams are also a great option for those who wish to record their road trips. These cameras have loop-recording modes that users can let run to record some unexpected and candid moments from the trips.

Dash cameras also use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 4g connectivity which allow it to send notifications to the owner in parking surveillance mode. This feature helps prevent robbery and keeps the vehicle safe.


Is dashcam legal in India?

There is no specific law for the use of dashcams in India. A dashcam is like a CCTV camera at a house. It is a personal property. Therefore, as long as it is in private use, no restrictions or objections are applicable on the ownership and usage of such cameras. The legality of dashcams comes with certain considerations. It might be restricted while entering a private property or when dealing with confidential government information. The owner of such a property is within the legal rights to ask the one using a dashcam to stop recording. Dashcams must be placed in a manner that they do not distract the driver of the vehicle or other vehicles.

A dashboard has actually emerged as a very handy equipment in India and footage recorded by such a camera can even be shown as proof in the court of law. Therefore, as the situation stands currently, dashcams in India are not illegal.

legality of dash cams in India


Usage in India

The usage of dashcams has grown at an exponential rate globally as people have realised that having a dashcam can help secure insurance claims and avoid traffic violations. The Asia-Pacific region is infamous for reckless driving and accidents. Under this situation, the use of dashcams has grown. However, though it is growing in Asia-Pacific, the usage of dashcams In India has not grown as much. Although India is experiencing a rise in the sales of automobiles, dashcams are not as common as the rest of the world.

India also experiences the highest number of traffic related deaths every year. A total of 151,113 people were killed in 480,652 road accidents across India in 2019, Accidents are extremely common in every part of the country as drivers are known to be fast, rash and reckless and possess no regard for traffic regulations.  Such drivers can be reported with proof if dashcams are in use.

A country like India has extremely turbulent and chaotic road conditions with pedestrians, vehicles and animals. A dashcam could be useful in providing evidence in case of accidents.

In India, cases of road rage have also proved to be fatal. Under such situations, dashcams have almost become a necessity.

It has been expected that as the population of India grows more aware in the years to come, the sale of dashcams will also rise at a greater rate.


Good Dashcam in India


70-mai Smart Dashcam Pro

As of 2020, this model is one of the best-selling dashcams in India. This dashcam uses a 5mp sensor and a dual-core processor. It is known for having 6 glass lens and producing clear and high-quality images even in darkness. The camera also captures a wide angle, almost up to 140 degree. Another great feature of these cameras is that they use a defog algorithm which helps in minimising distortion in images when driving through mist or fog. This dashcam also has a strong battery, which makes it reliable for long trips. It uses a g-sensor that gets activated during collisions and also a real-time alert feature that notifies the driver when moving away from the lane. This dashcam is a good buy in the long-run, although it is slightly more expensive than its contemporaries.


Blueskysea B1W Mini Dashcams

For buyers looking for a camera that is small in size and does not catch attention, this dashcam is the one to buy! It allows loop recording and uses a parking mode. This camera also uses a Sony sensor which ensures high clarity and best coverage. The best feature of this dashcam is that it rotates up to 360 degrees. Therefore, the small size definitely does not compromise on the performance.


DDPAI Mini Dash Camera

This dashcam is rich in features but falls in the mid-range economically which is a huge bonus for buyers. It offers features like loop recording, G-sensor, night vision, Wi-Fi connectivity, 140- degree view and an ability to rotate a full 360 degrees. It has huge internal memory capacity up to 128 GB. The most exciting feature of this dashcam is that it performs well even under extreme temperatures, ranging from -25 degrees to over 85 degrees, which makes it a durable option in any part of India.


Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera

This is a very stylish looking model that also falls in the mid-range price category. It has a 120-degree lens and a very reliable parking monitor mode. This very affordable dash cam is known for being durable and lasts for a very long time. It has a motion detection feature that records any collision-like situation on the SD card, thus preventing it from being overwritten by any other recording. The internal memory can hold data up to 32 GB. The only disadvantage that buyers have often pointed out is that it does not come with an SD card and buyers and required to buy one separately.

Procus Convoy Car Dash Camera - good dashcams in India

View on Amazon – https://www.amazon.in/Procus-Convoy-Recorder-G-Sensor-Detector/dp/B0759M3479/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=%E2%80%A2+Procus+Convoy+Car+Dash+Camera&qid=1609832908&sr=8-1


Nextbase 422 GW

This is one of the most valuable dashcams in the market. It is a touchscreen model. It comes with a range of features like 1440p resolution, 140-degree wide lens, GPS tracker, Emergency SOS, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity. Overall, this product is a great value for money.


Blaupunkt BP 2.1 Dashcam

It is an entry-level dashcam that comes with basic features like loop recording, G-sensor and 120-degree lens. The best feature of this dashcam is that it comes with an in-built microphone and speaker.


Campark Dashcam

It has a wide-angle lens that can cover up to 170 degrees. It has a front camera as well as a rear camera. While the front camera offers high-resolution images, the rear camera is waterproof and a solid support system when it comes to reversing a car.


Blackvue Dash Cam India

Blackvue has a range of single and dual-channel dash cams. The team has created various models with a host of different features like cloud connectivity, 60 fps full HD recording, built-in WIFI, and good quality night sensitivity. The Blackvue DR750X-2CH TRUCK dash cam has been specially designed for trucks and other heavy vehicles. Along with a front-facing camera, it has a waterproof infrared rear camera to oversee cargo loadings as well as to keep an eye on the road behind. 


Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam India

Made by Xiaomi, the Mijia Car DVR Recorder is capable of capturing good quality low-light footage. It has a 6-element glass lens, f/1.8 aperture, an advanced Sony sensor, and a 160 degree wide lens. It is also packed with a variety of features such as parking monitor, auto power on, G-sensor, loop-cycle recording, etc.


The options listed above are some of the best-sellers in the market and possess remarkable features. However, there are a range of other options for buyers to explore and choose from as per convenience.

A dashcam is thus an essential accessory for cars today. It serves a very important purpose and saves a lot of hassle for the users.

importance of dash cam in India

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