Dash Cam in Canada – Legal?

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As of 2019, the global dash cam market was valued at $2.8 billion. For all vehicles across the world, dash cams have become an absolutely indispensable accessory. Not only do they provide evidence in case of a mishap and make the ownership and journey smooth, but also encourage safe driving and allow the enhancement of driving skills of individuals. Today, dash cams are being used by millions of vehicles in every part of the world for their ability to ensure the safety of motorists. However, every country and even states within these countries have different rules applicable for owning and using dash cams. This article will look into the legality of dash cams in the different territories of Canada.

Dash Cam Canada Legal


Are Dash Cams Legal in Canada?

Yes, dash cams are legally allowed in Canada as long as one is recording public place. Law enforcers, in fact encourage drivers to use dashcams. Some properties may discourage dashcams, and it is suggested to avoid filming on such property.  It is however, becoming more and more common to see dash cams installed in the vehicles of Canada. Police vehicles in Canada are also commonly equipped with dashboard cameras.

dash cam legality in canada

The next section will look into the different laws related to dash cams in the different provinces and territories of Canada.


Are Dash Cams Legal in the Provinces of Canada?


Dash Cam Laws Ontario

The usage of dash cams is allowed in the province of Ontario. A permanently installed dash cam is also usually covered under the auto policy. The limit for an electronic device in a vehicle is $1,500.

Dash Cam Legality Quebec

The laws in Quebec allow the installation of usage of dashcams in vehicles. However, a dashcam may or may not be insured depending on whether it is permanently installed or can be removed.

Nova Scotia

It is legal to install and use dash cams in Nova Scotia. The use of dashcams have become increasingly popular and are in fact recommended by various law firms in Nova Scotia. Dashcam footages are also admissible in the courts of this province and can be provided as evidence in case of accidents.

New Brunswick

There is no fault insurance in this province which means that the insurances of both parties involved in an accident are affected. Dashcam footages are very important in this regard. If a particular driver is not at fault, dashcam footages act as strong evidence and back them up. This prevents the insurance rates from going up and saves that individual’s expenses.


Dash cameras are legally permitted in Manitoba. Most vehicles and even trucks in the province of Manitoba use dashcams. But it must be ensured that drivers have a clear 180-degree which is unobstructed by any equipment.

British Columbia

dash cam legality in British Columbia

The province of British Columbia allows the installation and usage of dashcams in all vehicles. However, this province also states that dash cams could act as potential distraction. In case this device causes some risk, it contradicts the whole purpose of enabling smooth and safe driving and must be re-positioned accordingly. Despite this, the interest and curiosity about dashcams is increasingly growing among drivers.

Prince Edward Island

It is legal to use dash cams in this province of Canada. There have been several cases where dashcam footages have been used officially used by the police to address those guilty of impaired driving.



This province not only legally allows and encourages dash cams but also aims to have fully functional dash cameras in every vehicle in the near future.

Dash Cam Laws Alberta

Dash Cam Laws in Alberta

It is legal install and use dashcams in Alberta. However, for those using dashcams in this province, it is recommended that at least one of the parties involved in the recording must be aware of it. One must also turn off the dash camera while entering highly secured areas such as military bases.


Newfoundland and Labrador

One is allowed to use dash cams in this province. Dashcam footages are also legally permitted to be presented as evidence in the court of law. One must however be careful to never share this evidence on public forums.


Are Dash Cams Legal in the Territories of Canada?


Northwest Territories 

Dash cams are legal in this territory as long as they do not obstruct or impair the vision of the driver.



One is legally permitted to use dash cams in the territory of Yukon. The law enforcement agencies also use dash cams to capture several incidents that occur on the roads. However, distracted driving due to a dashcam or any other electronic device will result in the driver being penalised in Yukon.


Dash Cam laws in Nunavut

It is legal to install and use dashcams on Nunavut public roads.

The use of dashboard cameras is therefore legal in all provinces and territories of Canada. It is also being encouraged by the police and law enforcement agencies in the wake of rising concerns for safety. Thu, the growing awareness to facilitate smooth and secured driving will make dashcams an indispensable accessory for every vehicle in Canada in the years to come.

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